Fear – How to Take the LEAP of Faith

Photo of Golden Gautama Buddha

Specifically, I don’t fancy open heights. So, a couple of years back when I decided to go skydiving for my birthday I had to draw from the experience gained during my youth to give me the process to accomplish my objective. Experience taught me it is simple to invent these grand ideas in mind; and, it is even easy to make the plans for these grand ideas. However, executing these ideas can be as frightening as jumping out of a plane: or as I experienced in my youth, jumping from the 10m platform in the swimming pool.

When I looked up from the pool into the stage, it did not look so high. It didn’t look so formidable especially when people of equal and lesser size were going off the edge of the platform headfirst. I guess this is how many people envision their dreams and goals. It seems like something that’s within your reach, and most of all, others are living their dreams so why not you. So, I grabbed the opportunity by summing the nerve and starting the climb up the ladder to the stage. Mind you, there were two other platforms higher; so, this should be well within my reach rather than an attempt of lunacy. However, when I got to the edge of the platform something took over. The distance seemed so much greater now that I had been on the platform; and this something, this harrowing feeling had seized me. Paralyzed with fear I needed to come back to the pool deck in embarrassment.

I learned that when I was going to enjoy the thrill of fulfillment that my peers were experiencing, I was going to have to find a way to overcome the paralysis that returned each time I attempted the jump. Simply put, I would need to discover a way to deal with the fear that most of us face when matters become much larger than we initially assumed or imagined. So what did I do? I learned to reevaluate the anxiety by eliminating the time between the strategy and the hop. I would climb the ladder; cross the platform and jump without hesitation or thought. Because if I stopped to think, logical thoughts of dread would hold me not because it could not be done, but since fear could have me scared to do it.

When I decided to skydive, I started two weeks prior to the date rehearsing that I would not think; I’d just jump. This process worked in my youth, it worked for skydiving, it has worked for my dreams and my objectives. Therefore, it is going to work for you. The reality is the thinking is already done once you have dreamed and planned. When it is time to do, do not think; consider the LEAP of faith:

O Embrace the fear – It will EMPOWER you.
O Appreciate the opportunity – It will APPOINT you.
o Persevere in the challenge – It will PERFECT you.
In the heroic wisdom of Les Brown,”leap and grow your wings on the way down!”

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